The space

A carefully designed, built, harmonised system with hidden philosophy and function.

With the help of our young team of interior designers, we design spaces with sophisticated taste that meet the client's needs. We even coordinate the smallest details to create a united appearance, in favour of the creation of right atmosphere and harmony.

Planning and Advisory Guidelines

Our design and advisory services are based on the client's requirements, in cooperation with the client and taking into consideration their needs. Our main strength is that we can put together the most suitable product packages for each project, saving our potential/future partners a lot of time and money.

Our Services

Our main activity is architectural and interior design and construction, from family houses and condominiums to public- and industrial facilities.

  • Interior designing, constructioning and production planning
  • Project management
  • Project handling
  • General construction
  • Technical guidance, management and control
  • Technical and financial management of projects

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