Downtown harmony .
Naturalism with pastel Two-storey penthouse

When designing the loft apartment in the city center, we were primarily focused on creating harmony. We wanted nature to take leading role in the interior, in the middle of the grey concrete jungle of the city.

When returning home from the hustle and bustle of the city, most people want to be able to relax and give their senses a rest after a day of rushing around. That's why we have tried to create an atmosphere of naturalness and peacefulness in the interior of the apartment. The wood panelling, the pergola-like beams in the living room and the pastel colours of the accessories all serve this purpose. There are no strong contrasts here: the gentle waves of the tiling in the living room and bedroom, the greenish-blue tones of the wallpaper and textiles, and the earthy colours of the bathrooms transport the inhabitants to a tranquil, sunny riverside.

Budapest 6. district

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