Without compromise .
Unique luxury Luxury flat above the Danube

One of the luxury apartments in the Elysium residential park is the 340 m2 city-center home we designed, in which spaces with different moods are connected by generous space organisation and the use of quality materials.

Our aim was to create an elegant Buda atmosphere preserving the clean lines of the contemporary interior design. The built-in furniture, the block-like texture variations of the walls and ceiling and the built-in technologies clearly present the image of a modern, 21st century luxury home, while the art-deco furniture and accessories give the apartment a distinctive look as a clear attribute of luxury. The sense of individuality is reinforced by the fact that the colours and patterns of the different rooms reflect the style of the people who use them. Our concept is that clean lines are the key to all the spaces, yet the children's rooms, office/playroom, living room and bedroom are each a separate world.


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