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Representative space Teqball showroom

A representative showroom of the Hungarian-developed sports equipment is located in one of the most exclusive residential park of Budapest. The panoramic view of the Danube and the high-quality, clean textures provide a worthy setting for the introduction of Teqball.

In this multifunctional space, the table itself and the surrounding room take the main role. The windows on the long side of the large, airy space overlooking the Danube provide the background for the Teqball table in the center, where short presentations are given to the incoming guests. This impressive room can also be used as an event hall for 50 people when the table is not in the center of the attention. A large meeting room separated by a glass wall take place at the end of the space. As with the organisation of the space, the use of materials is also characterised by masculine simplicity: monolithic concrete surfaces with a warm, homely counterpoint provided by wooden panelling and suspended ceilings.


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