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Stylish eclecticism Hotel Ózon, Mátraháza

A hotel with the breathing nature and the mountain lines of the Mátra as a common background, and the rooms with the colourfulness of a boutique hotel. The guest staying here can choose between rooms not only in terms of size and facilities, but also in terms of style.

The design of the common areas has been inspired by restrained elegance and the flow of natural shapes, which brings a sense of calm to those who come here. However, when designing the rooms, we let our imagination run wild and achieved that each suite is a different world: one dominated by passion and romance, the other by luxury and elegance, but also a place for those who love simple naturalism. Each room is characterised by surprising combinations of materials, rich patterns and recognisable styles, in addition to a full attention to functionality and ergonomics, which makes the time spent here not only relaxing but also a true adventure for the senses.


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