Balaton .
Rebirth Redesigning the Siófok catamaran

We have drastically redesigned the classic Balaton catamaran superstructure, reminding of a cube house, to meet today's functional and aesthetic requirements. Today, it transports passengers between the north and south coast.

The original design of the Siófok, although nostalgic for many, has not stood the test of time. The superstructure has been redesigned to provide more open space on board, rather than large closed spaces, and to allow passengers to walk around the upper deck and feel the Balaton breeze at first hand. In addition, the steering position has been moved forward, making the boat more balanced. The most noticeable change, however, has been in the shape of the boat: the strict squareness has been replaced by delicate curves, which, with the white paintwork, give the boat a clean and elegant look. This elegance is also reflected in the interiors, complete with hidden LED lighting. And through glass floors in the centre of the main hall, you can see the water running under your feet.


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